Your contributions and relationships

as a member of your tribe(s)

expands the value of our peoplehood.


You are a leader by default.

Share Your Story.

Connect Your Tribe(s).

Lead Your People.

However, in this generation,

with abundant social media channels,

it’s not clear how to lead our people well.


This is where we come in.

jew dot camp new main logo

We envision a Jewish people leading and learning from one another, online.


We Seek

To engage people in their networks.

To design social knowledge systems.

To create our Jewish future together.



Jew dot Camp will support you and your tribe(s) in meaningful social web design.

In every generation,

our people integrated the contemporary tools

for knowledge and communication

to continue our legacies.

Our generation is no different.

We’re all contributors. We’re all leaders.

We’re all connected, online.


Share, Connect, Lead.

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