Our mission is to empower jewish organizations and communities to lead their tribe(s) online.

To help you lead your tribes online, we offer:


We want to teach you how to use the social web to be effective with your collective.


We are happy to analyze and help you improve your organic web presence.


We want to design a custom web system to help you do what you do best: lead people.

We believe

We are our networks because our relationships bring us into the world.

All media is social, whether it be the talmud, a campfire story, or a web-link.

People are appgnostic, so community should be open source.

Let’s Be In Touch

The social web can be a powerful mechanism for engaging your tribe and the entire jewish people.

We are going to start blogging, soon.

In the meantime, if this resonated with you, please get in contact with us!

We want to support you in leading your tribe(s) online.

Let us know how we can help.